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Lingerie Buying Guide

Roses are red, violets are blue. Our hot lingerie is perfect for you! Lose your inhibitions and get glam in the bedroom with our ravishing range of intimate apparel, including bashful baby dolls and sinfully seductive body stockings for the ultimate in play! Or set the scene for seduction and transform your risky fantasy into risqué role-play with something from our sinfully sexy fantasy sex costume range. Either way, a strip tease is a great way to show your lover just how sexy you really are. It doesn't matter whether you'd put a supermodel to shame or not, you don’t need a great body to strip. Sexy is all about how you feel… Anyone can learn the hip moves, eye contact, sultry looks and how to sexily remove clothing, piece by delicious piece, for a successful strip tease. All you need is confidence and attitude. So take a few tips and tricks from us and undress to impress tonight!

Setting the scene
Start by setting the scene for seduction by dressing in something that makes you feel both sexy and desirable. A good choice of outfit is always the naughty schoolgirl look, but you could also go for the button down business woman thing – a tie would later make a great prop (think looping it behind his head and pulling him between your breasts) – in fact, the sky’s the limit when it comes to dressing up – or down!

If you really want to get his motor (and yours) running though, wear something sexy AND comfortable. It’s a good idea to choose a flirty skirt or dress rather than pants or jeans as these can be much, much harder to take off in a sexy way. And make sure that you have at least three layers to remove or your routine will be over before it begins! Your final “outfit” should be the showstopper…a sexy bra and g-string combo…a lacy corset…or something with a little more sizzle like stockings and suspenders – whatever makes you feel sexy and desirable.

Take time doing your hair and make up – go as overboard as you like! Remember that you’re “performing” for him so you need to look the part! Slather on anything that makes you feel more confident. Fake tan for a bit of colour, lip gloss (slightly smeared), blusher (around your nipples to make them look more defined), and a slight slick of baby oil on your body for sheen.

And remember that high heels or low boots aren’t going to cut it tonight. You need to invest in a pair of stilettos babe! This is the hard and fast rule of getting your kit off and making your man hot and bothered! And don't forget to accessorize – glasses, hats, ties as well as the all important thigh highs or suspenders and stockings. Other accessories that are guaranteed to please include long necklaces (pearls obviously), fetish whips and crops, feathers and ticklers, perhaps a paddle and a blindfold to heighten the ‘tease’ in your strip.

Choose some sexy music with a slow-ish tempo so you can take your time undressing and really tease him. Dim the lights to set the mood and light some scented candles to add to the ambiance. Now sit him down on the sofa, take a deep breath, and begin…

Walk the walk
Start by parading around the room a bit, really strutting your stuff. Listen to the music you’ve chosen and start moving to it. It doesn't have to be all spins and splits - just movement. Mentally visualize a figure of eight and make your hips follow! Think sex and think sass - its all about attitude! As you start dancing, always pull your hair to one side. This shows off your neck and looks deliciously seductive. Lick your lips and jiggle your hips. And remember, you’re allowed to touch him, but he’s not allowed to touch you. Not with his hands, mouth, tongue or penis! Only his eyes (and his imagination) are allowed to roam.

Getting jiggy with it
It’s time to start stripping! Go for something simple for starters – a glove is ideal. Very slowly push the glove down your arm then pull at the cloth on each finger – very suggestively – with your teeth! Stroke your hands one by one and then move them into your hair, onto your chest and down your torso. Treat your glove as you would him; sometimes rough, sometimes gentle. Run it seductively through your hands, then over your shoulders and from side to side behind your back (tummy in, boobs out). A scarf is a great prop to start with too – you can use it as a blindfold, put it around his neck to drawn him close, or use it later to tie him up (but only if he’s been a good boy)!

The three t’s
Tempt. Tantalize. Tease. No matter what you're removing, the key is to do it as slowly as possible. Begin by unbuttoning your blouse but allowing one shoulder to show first before your shirt makes it all the way off. Or flash your man then quickly close your blouse. Make him wait. With your back to him, look back over your shoulder. Turn around and lift your skirt or dress (this is a very tantalizing angle)! Smack your bottom and smile at him…he’ll never see it coming – before removing your top with one hand and dropping it to the floor.

Dance around your man some more. Close your eyes and pretend no-one’s watching. You’ll arouse him even more if he feels like he’s walked in on his own private peep-show. Strut your beautiful self and do a little booty shaking; lick your lips and wiggle your hips. Think sex! Unzip your skirt as slowly as possible, sticking your bum out and arching your back. Parade around, walk up and down, flirt, flick your hair around, gyrate your body. Be his private dancer. Take the time to visually stimulate your man by making him wait to see what he wants to see the most!

One by one as your outer garments come off; they should be removed in one fell swoop. Practice this move a few times so it’s as smooth as possible. Once your clothes are on the floor, step out of them and leave them there or toss them at your audience. Remember you’re supposed to be throwing your clothes off with abandon… Stopping to put your skirt on a hanger, carefully folding your top or hanging your jacket on the back of the door will definitely ruin the mood you're going for! Everything should be left where you throw/drop it.

You can leave your hat on
When you’re finally free of the confines of your outfit, continue to move around your man and dance seductively in your underwear. Touch yourself the way you know he wants to touch you, and in the places he wants to touch. You can keep it light and innocent by touching yourself over your undies, or you can get wickedly down and dirty and go for it with your hands down your pants! Either way, you must maintain eye contact with him at all times – that’s the golden rule for driving him to distraction.

Play with your props again. This is where your long pearl necklace can come in handy. Not only will it sway beautifully as you move to the music, but it will also draw attention to your breasts. Remember that stripping for him is a bit like unwrapping a present where the prize inside is you! Every time you peel off a piece of clothing, he’s closer to seeing what’s hidden inside, so draw this one out as much as possible.

Let your lover enjoy the view for a few minutes more before you tantalizingly, excruciatingly slowly roll each stocking down your leg (obviously if you’re going the garter belt route, you’ll want to undo those first). Try propping your leg on the arm of his chair while you're doing this so that he can have a good gawk at the main course. Once you get to your ankle, slide out of your shoe long enough to get the stocking off, then put your shoes back on and continue dancing.

Bra-less and brazen
Now face him, and shrug your bra straps off nice and slowly. Turn around, look over your shoulder (maintaining eye contact) and undo your bra, but keep hold of it over your breasts. Now turn around to face him again (with a suitably wicked expression on your face) and with one arm across your chest holding the bra in place, use the other hand to pull your bra out from underneath. Again, slowly does it. Drop the bra on the floor but keep your breasts covered. Then take your arm away, stroking your fingers across each boob as you go. Now go into full stripper mode: back arched, breasts out. Play with your tits, touch them, lift them with both hands and knead your nipples between your fingers. Trust us, making like Demi Moore in Striptease is guaranteed to please!

Next – the knickers
Lastly remove your knickers (also in one motion) but leave those stilettos on! Remember the idea is to remove your undies slowly, not yank them down like you need a pee! Whatever you do, don't have your legs together for this one or you really will look like you’re about to plant your bum on the loo seat. Nick a dancer’s trick and keep one leg in front of the other with your heel lifted. It makes otherwise awkward poses look elegant (and your legs and body look long and lean).

Got the stance? Now for the grand finale: Put your hands (palms facing legs) completely inside the straps at the side so you’re lifting them up and away from your legs. Give him a side-on view, then slide your hands and knickers down, keeping them lifted away from your body. As your hands move down, your body follows. Once your knickers are past your knees, they should fall down to your feet. Now nice and easy…step out of your undies one foot at a time. A word of warning though – big pants a la’ Bridget Jones are a no-no here!

Now that your man is a quivering mess, slowly make your way over to him and continue to tempt and tease him a few moments more before surprising him with an impromptu lap dance. Or, if you’d rather, merely strut into the bedroom. Parade around, touching and caressing your body until he can’t take it anymore – and needs to take you instead!

That’s it! That’s all there is to it! Just remember that confidence and attitude is the key. Don't be nervous. This is supposed to be fun! It’s all about showing off your body, not hiding it. And remember that if you feel seductive and desirable, so will your audience. So go on…undress to impress tonight!


So what if it doesn't fit?
Please note that for health reasons, we are unable to offer an online credit or refund on lingerie items including body stockings, hosiery, thongs, g-strings and briefs. We are also unable to offer an online credit or refund on intimate apparel and/or costumes simply because you "changed your mind".

We MAY issue an online credit or refund on intimate apparel and/or costumes if your outfit does not fit, provided it has not been worn, damaged, soiled or laundered in any way and is returned to us in its original packaging with swing tags and labels attached. Accordingly please ensure you wear under garments when trying these items on at home and take care when unpacking and repacking your outfit. We reserve the right to refuse an online credit or refund if in our opinion the outfit has been worn, soiled or laundered in any way.

Please refer to the size guide in the product description and select your size carefully. Our intimate apparel and costumes are typically tight fitting, so if you are in doubt between two sizes, we suggest purchasing the larger size for a more comfortable fit.

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