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A guide to P-Spot stimulation

Secret tips on how to "Drive your Man Wild in the Sack" have been selling women's magazines for years and years! Every one of us it seems wants to know the one secret that will give us the edge over his ex, and turn our bloke into a quivering mess!

Who doesn't want to find that magical place on their partners' body that when gently touched, makes them go weak in the knees? We all want to push the button and turn our lover on. But of all the places and erogenous zones on the human body, none are more interesting or elusive than the mysterious p-spot.

Appropriately called "the male g-spot" because of its ability to produce earth shattering orgasms, the prostate is helping men of all ages and orientations take sexual satisfaction to new depths. The p-spot is the male equivalent of the female g-spot. Located internally as part of the prostate gland in the lower rectum, the p-spot is sometimes tricky to access, but rest assured, the resulting pleasure is well worth the effort!

So what is the p-spot, how's it associated with the prostate, and where do these earth shattering orgasms come in? Here's the skinny so you can be in the know when you compare your sexual prowess to that of your girlfriends.

The Science Bit
The prostate gland is the size of a walnut, surrounding the urethra and vas deferens like a donut. Located close to the bottom muscle of the bladder, it's made up of muscles, nerves, blood vessels and some fat mixed in with a large amount of fluid secreting glandular cells. It's these cells that stash the semen, that "loving spoonful" that men produce upon ejaculation.

The prostate gland is rich with blood vessels and nerve endings, making it very tender to the touch (just ask anyone who's experienced a gloved rectal exam…)! These nerve endings cluster in the same place as the g-spot in women, and as all these nerves are resonating in and around the genitals, its understandable why, with a little experience and the right touch, stimulation in this area can feel great!

First things first
If you want to drive your man wild in the sack or help him discover his p-spot, we've got the goods to turn you into a prostate massage sex goddess! In fact, discovering your man's prostate isn't that difficult, but pleasuring it in a comfortable and sexy way takes a bit more skill and sass. Luckily for you, we have plenty of tricks and toys available to help you in your quest to make your man come within seconds – read on...

The prostate lies directly over the perineum - the space between his bum and the back of his balls. Don't worry if you or your partner feels squeamish at the thought of playing proctologist and exploring his neither regions, because the good news is that you can also stimulate this spot by applying pressure to this area outside the body. Trust us though; going through the back door and debunking the myths surrounding the last sexual frontier will be well worth it!

So what are you waiting for...

Good clean fun
The anal canal is usually very clean as faeces aren't stored in this area; they're stored further up in the rectum and bowel. But for comfort, he should make sure his bowels are empty.

And remember, any type of anal penetration absolutely, positively needs lubrication because the rectum doesn't produce any natural lubrication of its own. You may therefore find a thicker lubricant most effective, possibly with a desensitiser in the formula. Water-based lube is generally the best choice for anal insertion because it won’t destroy latex or make condoms unsafe.

Back to basics
When it comes to arses, there are different strokes for different folks. Some guys like intercourse, while other boys enjoy rimming, but most boys will enjoy having their love button massaged and our range of super safe prostate stimulators is ideal for this! Toys specially designed for prostate play have a handle and a perineum stimulator which act as an anchor, keeping the end outside where it should be! Specially designed prostate stimulators are impossible to lose and boast a super smooth shaft and seam-free head so nothing on the toy can tear or damage the sensitive tissue in the anal area, unless improperly used.

Getting started
Put aside a couple of hours where you won’t be disturbed and can totally relax. Grab a couple of towels, some good quality lube and perhaps an erotic movie or three! If it’s your first time, you’ll need patience, a very open mind, and the thorough removal of any expectations. Everything you do should be slow, careful and – hopefully – very exciting for you both! Above all else, relax and enjoy every sensation prostate stimulation has to offer. Throw away all those old ideas you had about male sexuality and enjoy the ride. And remember, good things come to those who practice!

Access all areas
Get him aroused – how is entirely up to you! Do whatever turns you and your man on. Don't just concentrate on his penis, but feel free to roam the rest of his body, including the anal area. This sends sexy messages to the prostate, penis, scrotum, anus and abdomen area, warming it up for the main game. Put on an erotic movie if you like, just to help things along. The resulting lubrication and increased blood flow will help to swell the prostate, allowing easy access to the p-spot from behind his testicles.

Once you've mastered the external pressure (and you've got short, clean fingernails), you can gear up to some gentle, internal massaging. Ask your man to lie on his back, either with his knees drawn up against his chest, or with his knees bent and his feet flat on the floor. Insert your thumb and press it against the front wall of the anal canal (towards his tummy). You’ll know when you’ve found his p-spot because it will feel like a firm mass, unlike the other wall tissue which will feel softer. Experiment with the type of motion that he enjoys best – circular massage, pulses, hard presses, strokes – whatever floats his boat!

The prostate gland has varying degrees of sensitivity in men, and some men love this area to be stimulated either before or during intercourse. Some men report intense orgasm when having their penis and g-spot stimulated at the same time. Others say their orgasm sensations last slightly longer and they ejaculate in a stream rather than spurts. Gently as you go though and before too long, bingo - the sensations he's been experiencing from your ongoing penis manipulation should be very much enhanced!

The toy’s the trick
Once you’re both comfortable going from oh to whoa this way, it might be time to introduce a prostate stimulator into the equation.

Again, he’ll need to be relaxed as you slowly, slowly insert the prostate stimulator into his bum. Make sure the toy has plenty of lube on it (you might also like to prime the anal area with lube before inserting anything more). Suggest he breathe deeply and relax his sphincter muscles with each exhalation. Carefully push the stimulator completely and comfortably inside his anal canal. Now just rest, and continue your erotic play as before while his body gets used to it. Don’t touch his penis, and try to get him in a position where it’s not rubbing on the bed, or your leg! This will distract him from the task at hand, which is meant to be forgetting about his penis and concentrating on the sensations in his prostate, anal canal, perineum and abdomen.

Ask him to try contracting his sphincter as he breathes in, and letting go as he breathes out. His sphincter muscles will probably quiver involuntarily – which will add to the sensation. Basically just see what feels good, and play! Keep the erotic stimulation up on other parts of his body and build yourself into a rhythm.

When he feels comfortable with the stimulator inside him, he might feel a slight tightening of his prostate against the toy. This is all part of the grand plan, as his prostate is engorging with blood as it’s aroused, and this stimulation will “milk” his prostate and bring him to earth shattering orgasm. In fact, this is likely to happen without ejaculation, meaning he’ll be good to go again once you get down and dirty together between the sheets!

Practice makes perfect
The experience of p-spot stimulation will feel different from man to man. It should feel great, it should feel sexual, but it should also feel very different from a run-of-the-mill penis orgasm (just like your g-spot orgasms differ from clitoral ones) which might be a little unnerving at first. Don't be disappointed if the earth doesn't move for your lover the first time you engage the p-spot though. It takes practice, communication, and loads of foreplay to hit all the right buttons. So unfortunately (or rather fortunately), being known as a sex goddess will take "hands on training" rather than clicking your heels together, befriending a genie, or wishing on a star. That being said however, a little elbow grease (or at least a little lube), and map of the p-spot, may be all the magic you really need.

Of course, you aren't expected to try it each and every time you wind up horizontal with your mate, but it's a nice thing to add to your repertoire. Most of those aforementioned women's magazines describe a good lover as someone who uses their imagination, taking initiative and being spontaneous. Initiating a search for your partner's p-spot takes in all these elements and should have your lover being much more appreciative of your new found skills.

Above all though, p-spot play should be fun for both of you. If your partner can relax and trust your inquisitive nature to figure out to how to have him singing a chorus of hallelujah's with a little p-spot stimulation, then your reputation as a great lover will be well on its way to being cemented.