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Rabbit Vibrator Buying Guide

A “rabbit” vibrator is a dual action vibe specially designed to stimulate three key erogenous zones alternatively or simultaneously: the clitoris, the vaginal opening and the g-spot. Boasting a bunny-shaped stimulator near the base of the shaft with long “ears” perfectly placed for clitoral stimulation, most rabbit vibes also feature a rotating shaft that targets the g-spot and a row of rows of strategically placed metal beads or “pleasure pearls” that whirl and swirl deliciously at your vaginal opening. So what’s the buzz all about? And why would you buy a rabbit vibe? Read on and all your questions will be answered and – trust us – all your dreams will come true!

The vast array of vibrators available to woman for masturbation today is mind-boggling! But ever since Charlotte disappeared into her bedroom for an entire episode of Sex in the City, the world and her sister have wanted a rabbit vibrator… As rabbit fans have already discovered, even the hottest clitoral orgasms can be enhanced by a little penile penetration, especially if it targets your g-spot! So while clitoral stimulators like bullet vibrators are extremely popular, if you’re looking for a sex toy that can be used all over (but especially where it feels the nicest), a rabbit vibrator is the perfect choice – for first time vibe buyers and pleasure professionals alike.

Get into the rabbit habit
Using a rabbit vibe is easy once you know what goes where and of course, like so many other things in life, practice WILL make perfect! Begin by getting to know your new buzz buddy – “intimately” in fact. Familiarize yourself with his functions and experiment with the levels of vibration, pulsation and escalation he boasts before you start your play. By trying out all of the options and getting to know which button operates what will make it easier for you to cycle through the speeds and functions you know you love as you get closer to your climax.

Also experiment with the best position for your toy: lay on it, bend over it, and squat on top of it for starters. Remember too that the movement of your own body is just as important as the speed settings, so swing your hips, crunch your stomach, or cross your legs back and forth like scissors to really up the orgasm ante!

Lube up
Everyone knows that lubricant, perhaps more than any other accessory, is a crucial bonking ingredient. But did you know that you will also get more mileage from your rabbit vibe if you use a lubricant? And if you’re not already using a lube with your trusty vibrator, you’ll be amazed at how different a drop or two will make your vibe feel and how much wetter and wilder your orgasms will be!

Water-based lubricants feel the most natural and make the ideal motion lotion as they supplement a woman’s natural vaginal lubrication. They are also affordable, readily available, and generally additive, grease and fragrance free too, which means they’re safe to use with condoms and barrier protection. Water-based lubricants are versatile and gentle on sensitive skin, and they wash off easily and quickly in water, making cleaning up after you play a breeze! AdultShop sells a great range of water-based lubes idea for getting into the rabbit habit!

Silicone lubricants on the other hand have much more “staying power”. They are less readily absorbed than water-based lubes, meaning they stay slick for much longer! Silicone lubricants do tend to be on the more expensive side but they are seriously worth every penny as a very small drop goes a long, long way. Silicone lubes are also perfect for use in the water and with your waterproof toys and rabbit vibes when you really want to slip, slide and glide.

Silicone lubricants however should NOT be used with sex toys made from silicone, CyberSkin, UR3 or other “real feel” materials as they may cause the material to deteriorate, leading to cracking and peeling of your toy’s super soft surface. When in doubt as to what type of material your vibrator is made from, always

Slippery when wet
Get into the rabbit habit by applying a generous amount of lubricant to your bunny before you begin. Not only will the lube make insertion feel more comfortable, it will also increase your sensitivity by reducing any friction, and it will enhance your bunny’s vibration as your vibe spins and swirls more freely inside you. Make the action of applying lube to the shaft of your rabbit vibe part of your foreplay. Sexing it up will really get you in the mood for things to come… And don’t forget to apply some lube liberally to your bunny’s ears for the slickest sensation possible.

Taming the beast
Once you’ve got yourself in a position to play, its time to get to know your new pet. Gently trail your bunny’s ears across your nipples, down your tummy and around the outer lips of your vagina and the inside of your thighs before turning the clitoral stimulator on to a low speed and function and doing it all over again...

With the shaft rotation on a low speed, start inserting your vibrator slowly into your vagina. Take your time to get used to – and enjoy – the thrill of the different sensations. Once the shaft is inside your vagina, your bunny’s vibrating ears should nuzzle your clitoris, but feel free to adjust the angle of the clit stim to suit you – most vibes tend to be quite flexible and will withstand gentle bending, twisting and pushing.

Now increase the speed of the shaft rotation and feel the intensity level rise. If your rabbit has a beaded shaft, these will start to rotate stimulating your g-spot as well as providing you with that fantastic full-up feeling! Ensure you hold your rabbit firmly at its base so that the arc of the shaft really moves while inside you. If you don’t maintain a tight grip at all times, most of the rotation will occur on the outside of your body instead or in! Some rabbit vibes are also bendable and the shaft can be modestly manipulated to increase the arc of the rotation. Please, please make sure your toy is switched off before you bend it and never, NEVER attempt to do this while your vibe is inside you as you’re sure to damage key equipment – yours AND your rabbit’s!

Once you have both the motors working at the same time, you can then begin to really go wild by increasing the speed and intensity of the bunny ears and also the rotation of the main shaft. If your rabbit vibe allows you to change the direction of rotation of the main shaft, go ahead and experiment with that setting as well. The idea is to discover what works best for you – and to have a load of fun doing it! Try not to focus on the orgasm, but concentrate on the delicious sensation you’re feeling instead – and your orgasm will happen without you even trying!

If you’re a first time vibe buyer, remember that for some, this direct plastic clit-hit will be way too intense the first time, so try wrapping some fabric around the stimulator until you get used to it, or place the vibrator on the cord (just under the skin) that sits above the clitoral head instead.

Keep experimenting with your new bedside bunny, teasing with the ears and shaft. Try alternating between clitoral stimulation alone, and then vaginal stimulation, and then both clitoral and vaginal stimulation together until you can't take it anymore and have to let go – of your inhibitions and your mind! The longer you take to build up your arousal, the more likely it is that you’ll experience a powerful “blended orgasm” of vaginal and clitoral release.

Tips to really titillate
Buying a rabbit vibrator is an investment in your pleasure, but like the old adage say, “you get what you pay for”. This is because the more money you outlay initially, the more likely your vibe is to love you long time, especially if you care for it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

To make the most of your “investment”, we suggest you try a trick from the following tips:

  • Use your rabbit vibe for anal stimulation if the idea of back door play floats your boat. Because the highest concentration of nerves is around the anal opening, teasing your hole and sensitive perineum with the bunny-eared stimulator can be intensely pleasurable. Simply insert the main shaft of your rabbit vibe into your vaginal opening and twist the toy around to that the miniature shaft is facing downwards with the rabbit ears stimulating your bum.
  • Alternatively you can insert the main shaft into your anus, and use the bunny ears to tease your vaginal opening if that works better for you. Remember though that you should NEVER switch from anal to vaginal penetration without thoroughly cleaning your toy or rolling a condom onto your vibe and replacing it when you make the switch to prevent the spread of bacteria – this will also make cleaning up after sex a breeze!
  • Another technique you might like to try is the “hands-free” approach. Simply insert your rabbit vibe into your vagina with the bunny-eared stimulator resting against your clit. Now close your legs and hold the vibrator in place with your thighs. This will deepen the resonation you feel when the vibrator is on full speed. Try clenching your pelvic floor muscles around the shaft too for a real Kegel workout with a difference and be sure to put your “free” hands to good use!
  • Use your rabbit vibrator on your bloke to stimulate his penis, perineum and balls. Up the ante on your oral sex abilities by performing fellatio while using the rabbit-eared stimulator to tempt and tease his boy bits or hold the vibrator against your cheek while taking his shaft into you mouth for deep throat with a REAL difference!
  • Experiment with double penetration by asking your partner to place his penis in your anus and your best bunny friend in your vagina – or vice versa! Either way he’ll feel the rumble of your rabbit through the thin wall that separates your bits down there and you’ll enjoy the thrill of being TRULY satisfied!
  • Get down on all fours and straddle your bunny. Now you can reach underneath and manually work the shaft in and out. Or try lying on your back with your feet against the wall to make room for much deeper insertion.

The menagerie
AdultShop sells a veritable menagerie of elegantly-crafted battery-operated rabbit vibrators! From realistically shaped heads to ribbed and veined shafts, and with clitoral stimulators shaped like rabbit ears, dolphin noses and butterfly antennae for maximizing your animal instinct! Check out the “Vital Stats” box on our rabbit vibrator product pages for information on length, width, batteries required and toy material, as well as our Editor’s own suggestions for cleaning and storage and lubricants.

We also sell a great range of rechargeable vibrators, which really are poetry in motion! It’s important when choosing any vibrator or sex toy, to consider exactly how you want to power up your play. In most cases, electric vibrators - particularly rechargeable toys - are more powerful than battery powered vibes. And just think…you’ll need never raid the TV remote control again because these state of the art stimulators are always ready to go! Rechargeable sex toys may be a little more expensive than their battery-powered counterparts, but they have a tendency to last longer too!

Coming clean
It makes sense…take care of your rabbit vibrator and your rabbit vibrator will take care of you! Just as you would never leave a fork to get moldy overnight before putting it right back into your mouth, you really don't want to go sticking unwashed sex toys into your holiest of holes!

Depending on how frequently you use your buzz bunny and how diligently you care for it, your rabbit vibe should be around for quite some time, but to make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck, you should always clean and store your vibe properly and according to the material from which it is made.

Be sure to wash your rabbit vibrator before you use it for the first time and immediately after each use before putting it away to play with another day. Pay particular attention to the beaded part of the shaft and be sure to wash behind your bunny rabbit’s ears!

Using an antibacterial wipe or vibe cleaner is just the thing for keeping your rabbit vibe safe, hygienic and in tiptop condition. AdultShop stocks a number of tried and tested products which are ideal for the job, many of which are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal as well. Some cleaners are also alcohol free and contain no perfumes or fragrances, which means they’re not only safe to use on your latex and silicone rabbits, they’re also perfect for using directly on sensitive or irritated skin, making cleaning up after sex a breeze!

Feel the vibe
Before you send your rabbit vibe back to its hutch, make sure you remove the batteries or unplug it from its power source. Your batteries will last longer that way – and so will your rabbit toy!

And on the subject of powering up your play, always make sure your batteries are fresh because there’s nothing worse than your vibrator losing its mojo when you’re on the verge of orgasm! If your vibe won’t turn on, make sure you’ve inserted the batteries correctly. If you’re not sure, try inserting them the other way around (just in case) and make sure the battery contact points in your vibe are clear of paper or residue and are connecting with the ends of your batteries. If your sex toy is still not working, don't be afraid to wiggle your batteries around to make the connection and check that the base cap is tight (especially with your waterproof toys as they come with a rubber stopper in the base to prevent water from entering the battery compartment).

The final word
And remember, when you first try masturbating with a rabbit vibrator you might be surprised at how intense, forceful and incredibly long your orgasms are… You’ve entered a whole new world of pleasure girlfriend, so get ready for the ride of your life!