Power up and stay prepared for any last-minute flat sex toys!

We all know how annoying it is when you go to turn on your TV and you realise the remote batteries are flat, right? The same goes for our favourite sex toys! There is no worse mood killer than a flat sex toy, or worse - when you’re so close to that perfect ‘O’ and the vibrator goes flat. Well, Adult Shop is here to ensure that never happens again with our range of batteries perfect for your sex toys! Many sex toys are battery operated and may require you to purchase batteries separate from the toy. We stock a variety of sizes and brands to ensure that your perfect battery is available for your new sex toy! Get shopping today!

How do I know if my sex toy is battery operated?

A lot of sex toys are battery operated these days. Some of our favourite sex toys are powered by batteries and a nice little perk is that they are often cheaper than other sex toys on the market! Whilst these toys may be cheaper outright, the cost of batteries can add up. If you are unsure if your sex toy is battery operated, we recommend checking out the product description on our online shop, or on the packaging your toy arrives packed in.

Batteries can get confusing! Remember that there are a lot of different types of batteries and often, each toy will require a different type or size. To find out what type of battery your sex toy requires, check out the product description on our website. Whether your toy requires AA or AAA batteries, AdultShop are here to help. Browse our range of batteries today.