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Retail Sales Excellence

To be considered for employment in AdultShop stores, you must be able to demonstrate the following qualities and skills:

  • Proven sales experience and results
  • Exceptional organisation skills
  • Leadership qualities with commitment to team work
  • Computer-based point of sale experience
  • Excellent personal presentation
  • Passion and commitment to achieve targets

Employment within the AdultShop Retail Division offers excellent rewards for hard work, enthusiasm and results! If you have the drive and ambition to take the Retail Sales role and truly succeed, please apply for available positions.

All new employees undergo comprehensive training to ensure the AdultShop commitment to customer service is upheld. All new employees are also subject to a probationary period of employment and it is a condition of employment that employees may be required to fulfil evening and weekend shifts and work across a wide range of stores.


Positions Currently Available

No positions are currently available at AdultShop. Thank you for your interest.


How to apply

Before submitting your application, please take time to read "Working for AdultShop Retail" and "So you want to work in Retail" below. This information is designed to give you an idea of the AdultShop retail working environment and an indication of the kind of salesperson we expect you to be.

If you are comfortable with this information and feel you have what it takes to succeed with AdultShop, we'd love to see your application! Email your resume and a cover letter to

Working for AdultShop Retail

What attributes and skills do I need?

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Eagerness to learn and remain dynamic
  • Trustworthy
  • Ability to work independently
  • Flexibility
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Punctuality
  • Willingness to expand skills
  • High motivation
  • Proven ability to sell and achieve targets

What hours will I work? Is there a guarantee of hours?
Depending on the position, the number of hours may vary. A full time employee will work a minimum of 38hrs per week; where as a part time employee will work the hours they are contracted to work. For casual employees there is no guarantee, so the hours may vary week to week.

Will I get to work at a store location of my choice?
AdultShop requires staff to be flexible and reliable to sometimes work at several locations when needed. While every care is taken to place you close to home sometimes this is not possible and depends on vacancies.

How much will I be paid?
Pay rates vary between positions and locations but employees are paid under the appropriate award rate.

Is there training involved?
All newly employed staff are required to undertake two weeks full time training at a specified store. Ongoing training will be provided thereafter.

What are the benefits of working for AdultShop?

  • Staff discount on all our products
  • A store voucher as birthday gift
  • Four weeks annual leave
  • Great opportunities to progress to Management
  • Travel opportunities to regional stores
  • Monthly bonus scheme

Some benefits require probationary period qualifications.

So You Want to Work in Retail

Deciding if a job is right for you
A starting point in attaining a better job or a job in an environment ideal for you is to first identify what those ideals are. That is, the working conditions which make you happy.

No more than one third of an employment decision should be based upon remuneration. If you base more than one third of your decision on remuneration and take on a job with a higher salary than you have the skills to justify, it is very likely you will find yourself in a highly stressful situation.

One third of a decision should be based upon the “presence of satisfiers”. That is, the things that must exist in an environment in order to make you feel happy and successful.

The final third of your employment decision should be based upon learning and the opportunity to develop – your knowledge, your skills and your responsibilities.

Remember that in any job, there will be a few “dissatisfies” but these should be outweighed by the “satisfiers” if your employment decision has been made appropriately.

Acquiring the right job for you
Here’s a checklist to help you make a good employment decision:

  • Identify areas in your life about which you are passionate and in which you could happily work.
  • Take the time to rewrite your CV and think of your skills and experience as products useful to your targeted industry and position.
  • Be proactive and contact the companies for whom you are interested in working.
  • Be persistent. You will always have more applications declined than accepted.
  • Have realistic expectations of your role and responsibilities.
  • Have realistic salary expectations.
  • Be open to further education and training.
  • Be patient and don't rush into the wrong job.
  • Qualifications, skills and experience are important, but a positive attitude will shine through as an enduring first impression.
  • Remember that your dream job should be born from choice, not from necessity.

Tips for surviving the Interview

Whatever position you are interviewing for, generally speaking, a neat, clean and conservative personal appearance is the way to go.

Communication skills are very important in any job, particularly during the application process. It’s important to remember that communication encompasses not only an ability to articulate yourself well, but also the ability to listen! You must respect when it is appropriate to speak during an interview, and when not to. If you can speak well and confidently then you can sell yourself to a potential employer.

Your body language is also a communication tool. How you hold yourself, your physical reactions to questions asked of you and your overall demeanor all contribute to the message you send the interviewer. Don’t appear too relaxed, but don’t appear uptight either. Try to keep nervous twitches to a minimum and look happy!

Make eye contact. When speaking, always make direct eye contact with your interviewer. If you are being interviewed by more than one person, be sure to make even eye contact with each of them as you speak. This will demonstrate confidence and belief in your suitability for the job.

Don’t ever enter an interview unprepared. You are going to be asked questions about your resume, your experience, your strengths and weaknesses, examples of when you have worked as part of a team, your ideas, your ambitions and more. You have to have the answers and they should be relevant and succinct.

Always undertake some research into the business or company with whom you are interviewing. Look at the web site, visit their stores, try their services/products. To be able to ask a question or make comment on some aspect of the business will demonstrate that you have a real interest.

Know your resume intimately. Certain parts of your resume will no doubt be of particular interest to your interviewer and they will ask you to elaborate. Always have examples of relevant experience to recount or show the interviewer in addition to those in your resume.

Always take the opportunity at the end of the interview to ask questions. It will demonstrate an interest in your work and the environment the employer can offer if you ask questions other than salary, hours, holiday provisions etc. A good example is to as what kind of organisational culture exists in the workplace so you have an idea of the personality of the place. This is an important question if you are to decide whether the job is right for you and your employment ideals.

Interview No-no’s
When answering questions in an interview, keep it truthful! Don’t exaggerate, make it up or blatantly lie to make yourself sound better or more qualified. It will usually be obvious you’re lying or you’ll find yourself hired with responsibilities you can’t manage.

Keep the resume truthful too.

In terms of the delivery of your answers, don’t over answer with irrelevant waffle that doesn’t quite get to the point. Equally, one word answers should be avoided.

Never make derogatory remarks regarding previous employers. This indicates a negative attitude that no employer will find attractive.

Lasting Impression
Throughout the interview, you should aim to appear confident, motivated and know when to speak and when to listen.

The interview is a brief opportunity to make a positive impression on a potential employer. To make that impression a lasting one, always offer polite thanks to your interviewer/s for their time and consideration. If you leave the interview confident it is a job you really want, follow up the next day with a call or short email of thanks the next day. This shows enthusiasm and determination.

At AdultShop we're on a mission to be the one-stop shop for everyone's sexual journey. We believe sexual pleasure is a right, not a privilege, and everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their sexuality

We strive to foster a diverse, inclusive, and equitable culture in which all our staff and customers feel valued, respected, and welcomed, regardless of gender, sexuality, age, or mobility. 

Join our brand and you never know where it might lead you.

Positions Currently Available


Store Consultants - AdultShop

After something a little different in your next retail position?  Our in-store teams are the heart of our business and we’re always on the lookout for passionate and experienced casual Store Consultants to provide the ultimate customer experience at various AdultShop metro locations.
What will make you stand out: 
A super-friendly, customer-focused, and sex-positive approach. We aim to make each and every customer feel comfortable when they enter and browse our stores, and to answer any questions they may have. It’s what sets us apart. 

You’re exceptionally organised, have a high attention to detail and love to keep stock and visual merchandising looking its best.  You’re self-motivated and driven to achieve - and exceed - sales targets.  
Previous sales experience and proven sales results in a retail setting.   
(Very) nice to haves: 
You genuinely love helping people, and have passion and interest in sexual health, wellness and products. 
A love of selling, without being pushy. You're friendly, approachable and will jump at chance to talk-up our amazing range of products - whether that be the latest water-based lube, app-controlled vibrator, assistive sex aid or BDSM beginner’s kit.  
Openness to learning about new products and ranges on an ongoing basis (we promise it will interesting!)  
You’re a team player and will represent the AdultShop brand positively – we value and reward enthusiastic Store Consultants.  
An understanding and interest in emerging trends in the sex tech, sexual wellness, and sexual health space. 
Retail visual merchandising experience. 
Perks of the job:  
The chance to work in a fun and inclusive retail space. 
Generous AdultShop staff discounts. 
Commission on the sale of products (paid monthly). 
Monthly sale competitions with the chance to win products and vouchers. 
A special voucher on your birthday 
Roster flexibility (locations and hours). 
Training opportunities and the chance to learn about sexual health and wellness. 
We are open 7-days a week so flexibility to work across a full trading week is a must, which may include some night-time shifts and weekends. You may also need to work at various AdultShop metro locations from time to time. Explore our store locations here. As part of the role, you will need be comfortable working unsupervised (training will be provided) with capacity to stand for lengthy periods, lift heavy or bulky stock (up to 15kg) and move stock from shelves.  
Interested? Send your cover letter and CV to: