The Fleshlight is our best-selling sex toy for anyone with a penis! 

Millions of people across the world love the realistic and lifelike feelings and sensations that come from playing with Fleshlights. These masturbation tools are designed to simulate the feeling of penetrative sex. With a hard casing, the interiors are soft and pliable; some even have textured chamber designs for extra pleasure!

Are you looking for the best sensations? Whether for solo use or couples, browse through our exciting range of Fleshlights below.

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Fleshlight Essentials: Everything you need to know!

History of the Fleshlight

Like most products, the Fleshlight was created out of necessity. When Fleshlight inventor, Steve Shubin, was told he and his wife had to abstain from sex for an extended period, he decided to find an alternative way to satisfy his high sex drive. One that wouldn’t jeopardise his marriage. 

After much research and development, the Fleshlight design was patented in 1998. Steve wanted his product to look discrete, which is why he chose the flashlight design. Since then, the Fleshlight has become the #1 male sex toy in the world and has teamed up with global porn stars (Fleshlight Girls) to create exclusive replica designs.

How is the Fleshlight made?

It took plenty of trial and error to make the Fleshlight so flesh-like. The SuperSkin™ material that makes up the internal part of the Fleshlight is a trademarked secret. The key was to create a material that could stretch and return to its normal size without losing its appearance. There are only two manufacturing facilities that produce the Fleshlight:

Austin, Texas – For products sold in North America and Australia

Seville, Spain - For products sold in Europe

The inner sleeve can include several chambers with stimulating bumps and passages - all designed to intensify the sensation.

How to choose a Fleshlight model

Since its launch, many years ago the Fleshlight has continued to evolve and take pleasure to a new level. There are over 40 varieties of Fleshlights available, all with different internal stimulating features. 

While the classic models still sell well, it is the Fleshlight Girls that attract plenty of attention. Having the option to choose a Fleshlight that is the exact replica of your favourite porn star is too good to turn down. Some of the biggest names in porn have had their anatomy plastered and moulded into a Fleshlight, including:

And that’s just a taste.


How do you warm up a Fleshlight?

We highly recommend that before you use your Fleshlight, you warm it up! There are a few ways to do this. We recommend the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer, which will bring your toy up to temperature in a few minutes. If you don’t have one of these nifty accessories, you can also use warm water. Remove the sleeve from its plastic casing and soak in warm water for a few minutes before wiping off excess water and replacing the case.

Finally, you could also try warming up your lubricant before using it, with the same technique. Soak the bottle in hot water for a few minutes to warm it through.

As always, please check the labels and materials of your sex toys and lubricants to ensure they are safe for this type of play.

Do you need lube for a Fleshlight?

Whilst lubricant is not necessary, we do recommend using a lube to get the most pleasure and joy out of your Fleshlight! For effortless penetration, use your favourite water-based lubricant and be sure that it is the correct type for your Fleshlight.

How do you clean a Fleshlight?

Like every sex toy, you must clean your Fleshlight regularly. We stock a great range of toy cleaners for your Fleshlight, which will ensure your toy is ready for action the next time you need it. Remove the sleeve from its outer casing and rinse it thoroughly with hot water. Avoid using ordinary soap on your Fleshlight as it may deteriorate the materials. Use a Fleshlight antibacterial cleaner, and be confident your toy is sparkling clean!

How do you dry a Fleshlight?

Once you’ve washed your Fleshlight, pat dry the inner and outer surface of the sleeve with a clean cloth and allow it to air dry. You can also use a cold air fan to speed up the process. To give your Fleshlight the same silky-smooth feeling every time add Fleshlight Renew Powder.

How do you use a Fleshlight?

Firstly, ensure your Fleshlight is clean. Next, you’ll want to warm up the inner sleeve which can be done with the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer or warm water. If using lube, apply a generous amount of water-based lube or specific Fleshlight lube.

There’s no right or wrong way to use your Fleshlight. Experiment, explore. You can adjust the level of suction by turning the end cap on the case. The adjustable vent allows you to prevent a build-up of internal air pressure while creating the perfect amount of suction.

How does a Fleshlight work?

The trademarked material used in the Fleshlight’s internal sleeve design will stretch and return to its normal size after every use. Depending on the model you choose, the Fleshlight chamber can include a variety of stimulating options like bumps or ridges to further enhance your experience.

What does a Fleshlight feel like?

Fleshlights are designed to simulate the feeling of real sex. The patented SuperSkin™ material is the closest thing to the feel of a partner. The added features within the chamber intensifies the sensation even more. There’s only one way to know how it feels, try it for yourself