The revolutionary technology of the Womanizer has changed the game for clitoral stimulators! 

The revolutionary technology of the Womanizer has changed the game for clitoral stimulators! This sex toy allows you to satisfy all of your sexual desires by embracing the unique nature of the Womanizer. This type of sex toy uses suction rather than vibrations to stimulate the clitoris to push you towards the ultimate orgasm. These toys are inspired by the unique nature of women and are designed to empower and embrace sexual positivity and exploration. Try it out for yourself today, from our massive range of Womanizers. 

Is the Womanizer a vibrator?

The Womanizer revolutionised sex toys and introduced the first Pleasure Air™ toys to the market. The Womanizer doesn’t use vibrations, instead it uses puffs of air to massage and suction the clitoris. As the style of this toy has expanded, you can now get your hands on a combo toy! Try out the Womanizer Duo line for both the classic Womanizer experience and a g-spot vibrator!

What does a Womanizer feel like?

It truly is a unique experience using a Womanizer! We highly recommend giving this toy a whirl; many people say it can feel like oral sex. The Pleasure Air™ that the Womanizer is so famous for, is completely touchless, which we believe is one of the most exciting and distinctive ways to reach an orgasm. 

Is the Womanizer waterproof?

They sure are! The Womanizer’s ergonomic design allows for more comfortable and accessible use for both solo and couples play. The waterproof design and long-lasting battery life ensure that you can use this baby for as long as you like, whether in the shower, bath or in bed. We recommend using your favourite water-based lubricant with the Womanizer - if you aren’t jumping in the shower with it!