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Light up the bedroom with our range of massage candles

Providing a silky, intimate sensation, massage candles are the secret ingredient to a perfect night in with your partner. Erotic massage has long been touted as the perfect foreplay tool and way to connect with your partner. Massage candles are an amazing alternative to your classic massage oil and are 10 times more fun! These candles are specially manufactured with all-natural waxes, oils and fragrances that are ideal for foreplay. With a low-melt point ensuring they are body-safe, massage candles can be used for erotic fun or BDSM play.

Our range of massage candles come in a range of scents to help set the mood. Our luxurious candles are perfect for relaxing as well as heating up the action in the bedroom. Browse our extensive range of aroma-filled, seductively-scented candles today.

How to use a massage candle

Some people think of wax and candles in sex play as an intense BDSM technique, which is slightly true, but it is definitely not as intense as you might think! Massage Candles are specifically designed for partner play. To use a massage candle, let the candle burn until you have enough melted wax. Once liquified, the wax turns into a massage oil that is warm to the touch, but not hot enough that it will burn you. Blow out the candle before proceeding to ramp up the romance.

For ultimate pleasure, drip or drizzle the wax into your hand or onto your partner and start the massage. Massage candles should not replace lubricants or be used with condoms.