Body Stockings

Browse our stunning selection of body stockings and full-body lingerie sets

You’ll find your partners jaw on the floor when you reveal your stunning full body stocking hidden under your clothes! Spice up your lingerie collection with one of Adult Shop’s sultry stocking sets, designed to impress! A full body stocking is a unique and sexy lingerie set that covers most of your body in a sheer or lace design. Highly provocative, our range of body stockings leaves only a little to the imagination! At Adult Shop we stock a huge range of body stockings in various shapes, sizes and styles ensuring that you find the perfect set for you.

Are body stockings comfortable?

You might be looking at this range of body stockings and be slightly concerned about comfort. Luckily, all of our lingerie ranges are designed to not only be incredibly comfortable, but beautiful and confidence-boosting! Body stockings usually cover most of your body with a sheer, lace design. They are incredibly comfortable and are designed to be worn just as you would any other lingerie set. 

What do you use body stockings for?

Body stockings are not just an extension of your favourite lingerie set! These full-body garments are guaranteed to surprise and please your partner when you reveal it! Not only are they going to make you look sexy, but you will also feel it too! These sets are comfortable enough to wear underneath your clothes and are definitely more comfortable than a too-tight corset. You could even use your body stocking as a pair of fishnet tights to complete your sexy outfit tonight.