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Penis Pumps Buying Guide

So it’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean, right boys? Wrong! If size really doesn’t matter, then why are there a thousand different dildo shapes and sizes on the market today, many of them much longer and larger than your average weed whacker? It’s no wonder penis pumps are such a popular item these days! Pumping for penis enlargement (or simply pumping for pleasure) is the perfect pastime for a bloke who wants to enjoy greater glory pole growth. But with so many unique penis pump models on the market today, how do you go about picking the perfect penis pump for your manhood?

How do they work?
Penis pumps work on the principle of vacuum aspiration. Through squeezing a bulb or working a plunger, the air is sucked out of the cylinder covering the shaft. As the air is suctioned out and a vacuum is created, your penis gets pulled into the cylinder and extra blood rushes into the erectile tissue creating greater than average engorgement – the same process involved in getting an erection!

Just as the human body is able to expand muscle and tissue when it gets a work out, regular penis pumping is one of the most effective methods of getting harder - faster, as well as adding some more meat to your manhood! Penis pumps are like a gym workout for your favourite tool, increasing length and girth with every session.

It’s highly recommended, as with any form of exercise, that you drink plenty of fluids prior to using a penis pump. By minimising the public hair that comes into contact with the pump, you’ll also save yourself some discomfort and create a much better vacuum seal – shaving is suggested. And as with any sex toy, it’s also very important to use a personal lubricant when pumping your penis: it will help create a better vacuum seal and also protect your precious pecker from rubbing against the cylinder. As most pumps on the market feature seals made from either rubber or latex, it’s a good idea to use a water-based lubricant only as silicone or oil based lubes may cause the seal to deteriorate.

Getting started
Apply your preferred lube to both the flared area of the cylinder and to your jiggle-y bits. Place the cylinder over your penis until the mouth of the tube is firmly up against your body. To avoid having your coconuts sucked into the tube, pull down on your scrotum as you pump and until the seal is established in the cylinder.

Now begin pumping – slowly! Pump only to a level of comfort and never past that point. This will be different for each individual as tissue types vary from person to person. The rule of thumb though is to take it easy! If you experience any physical discomfort, discontinue using your penis pump immediately.

Now with the seal on the tube tightly against your body, continue pumping until your cock is firm and erect. It’s not necessary to use a lot of pressure to get a good result. If your pump has a gauge, pressure levels should be kept between four and six. If your pump doesn’t have a gauge then you’ll need to experiment with your comfort level but please don’t over pump - you can rupture veins and bruise your penis shaft as well as inflict permanent damage on yourself if you’re not careful. A penis hickey may sound like a laugh but a burst blood vessel in your baloney pony will be very painful - and ugly!

Getting jiggy with it
If you feel uncomfortable at any point, open the air valve and release the pressure. You can always pump back up again any time you're ready. Heat helps with the expansion and softening of tissue so it's a good idea to pump while you’re taking a warm bath or shower. Once your old fella is erect, you can slide the retaining band down onto the lower end of the penis (a bit more lubricant will help with this) and remove the cylinder. You’re now ready to play with your bigger, harder, faster erection…

A pumped up penis will not interfere with the pleasure of a climax or orgasm, but it may decrease the force of your ejaculation. A penis ring can help here – it works to keep you rock solid and to prolong the point of no return. AdultShop has penis rings in all sizes, shapes and colours, ranging from traditional no-fuss steel and studded leather rings through jelly varieties with vibrating stimulators for dual satisfaction, to deluxe varieties that ring the penis as well as the balls and titillate with a removable vibrating bullet!

Cleaning up
Your penis pump should be washed with a mild antibacterial soap in warm water. To guard against infection and quickly and gently clean and remove dirt, lubricant and bacteria – without spreading germs - a quick once over with an antibacterial wipe or vibe cleaner is a must! Ensure all surfaces are moistened and then allow your toy to dry naturally or pat it dry with a soft towel or cloth. You should never clean your pump with an alcohol or ammonia-based cleanser as it will degrade the cylinder.

A word of warning
Please keep in mind that over pumping can be dangerous. We strongly suggest that you don't pump for any more than fifteen minutes at a time and pump only to a level of comfort, never past this point. We know you want a massive rock hard penis now, and penis pumps can produce some impressive short term results, but size isn't going to matter at all if you permanently damage your penis. Winding up in the emergency room with a ruptured schlong – however long – is no laughing matter.

For long term penis enlargement, you’ll need to maintain a regular pumping routine for about six months if you want to see results. After approximately three days, your penis will return to its previous pre-pumped size, so you’ll need to keep a regular routine going after that if you want those results to be permanent. It's really no different than any other type of regular exercise program!

Men who report the most successful results from pumping their pricks use pumping sessions three to four times a week, allowing recovery time between sessions. They tend to gain a great deal more in girth than they do in length however. So if you've always wanted a chubby, regular pumping may be just the thing for you!