Classic, realistic, suction & strap on - for solo & couples

Since the dawn of time, people everywhere have been using dildos and dongs, so it’s no surprise they are some of the most popular sex toys we sell. With such a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, dildos and dongs are accessible for every gender, body type and sexual preference. A truly classic sex toy, dongs and dildos are perfect allrounders – for those new to the world of adult toys to seasoned professionals. Check out our range below of realistic, glass, double-ended, metal, suction cup, and non-phallic dildos.

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Dildo Essentials: Everything you need to know

Where does the name dildo come from?

There is some debate (or possibly mass debate) about where the name dildo originated. Whether it was taken from the Italian word ‘diletto’ (delight) or the Latin ‘dilatare’ (open wide), the origins of the name certainly have a sexual undertone. However, another theory points to an erotic poem in the late 1500s called The Choise of Valentines where author Thomas Nash mentions his lover reaching for a dildo to satisfy herself.

When were dildos first used?

While fossils of phallic-shaped rocks and ivory have been dated back thousands of years, it is the period between the 16th - 18th century where people have been documented using dildos for sexual pleasure. As we pushed into the 19th and 20th centuries, dildos became much more common with manufacturers experimenting with various materials. It wasn’t until the early 70s that Gosnell Duncan created the first silicone dildo.

What are dildos made from?

As mentioned above, the first silicone dildos weren’t manufactured until the 1970s. Today, silicone is still the preferred choice of material and the safest. If you purchase your dildo or dong through a reputable supplier, you’ll know whether the rubber or silicone is non-porous, non-toxic, latex and phthalate free. Remember, don’t assume that because it’s rubber, it’s also waterproof. Read the product description if you intend on taking your toy for a bath. While silicone is popular for producing a realistic replica of a cock, dildos can also be manufactured from stainless steel and glass.

What types of dildos are available?

As you can imagine (and probably have) dildos and dongs come in all shapes, sizes and colours. If you read the FAQs below, you’ll discover the difference between a dildo and a dong and how to choose the right size for you. The dildo you choose may also depend on whether you are flying solo or experimenting as a couple. Some dildos and dongs include a suction cup, while some are designed for double penetration.


What is the difference between a dildo and a dong?

We often get asked what the difference between a dildo and a dong is, which is understandable! To make it simple, a dildo has a base, whereas a dong does not. Most of the time, dildos and dongs are shaped like a penis and used for internal stimulation.

The key component of a dildo is the ability for you to control how they are used on yourself or your partner, vaginally, anally or orally. AdultShop also stock vibrating dildos and dongs to spice up the way you use your toys. Now you have a handle on the differences, check out our range today!

How do I know I’m choosing the right dildo size?

There’s nothing more disheartening than buying a new sex toy to find out it is nothing like you imagined! This can be even more of an issue when purchasing a toy such as a dildo, which often comes in a range of shapes and sizes. At AdultShop, we have dildos from 6-inches to 12-inches in length, with varying girths, making it easier to choose the right toy.

Whilst you might think the length is more important, we advise you to first understand what diameter and girth would work best for you! The best way to do this is to play around with your fingers and measure the circumference of what feels best to you.

How do I clean a dildo?

It’s best to clean any sex toy before and after use. It may sound like a chore but remember, this is your body. It doesn’t take long to clean a dildo, a quick wash in warm soapy water and a wipe with an alcohol-free toy cleaner and you’re ready to go. Cleaning your toys regularly will not only make them safer for you but will help to extend their life. 

Where do I store my dildo?

The obvious answer is somewhere out of sight, and most likely in the bedroom. Storage is important though, as some silicone products can be sensitive and may discolour if stored with other sex toys. It’s best to keep your dildo stored separately or you can purchase a storage bag for extra protection.

What size dildos are available?

Dildos range from 6 to 12 inches. We’re all built differently, so the size you choose is all down to personal preference. Remember, there’s more to a dildo than length, girth plays an important role in delivering pleasure. Generally, the longer the dildo, the thicker it will be. When purchasing your dildo, check the length and girth to make sure both are the right fit.

Are dildos a commonly used sex toy?

In short, yes. While the recent lockdowns in Australia sparked a sex toy sale boom, there were already plenty of households with a dildo tucked away in the top draw. For those who consider themselves sex toy first timers, dildos are a great way to begin.


Another helpful tip: To make sure you and your partner are having the most fun in the bedroom tonight, check out the helpful reviews and ratings, and see what other people think of your new toy!