About Us

In early 1999 AdultShop was founded and the company was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

December 1999 marked the launch of AdultShop in Australia. Large launch parties from Perth to Sydney marked the beginning of a new era in retailing adult products online. Sydney city motorists were greeted with a huge billboard just over the bridge as they drove into the city that read: "Moan, moan, moan. That’s all we ever hear from our customers".

AdultShop then purchased the Barbarellas chain of adult stores in Western Australia and Tasmania and over the next couple of years, all Barbarellas adult stores were rebranded to AdultShop. Today, AdultShop has 12 stores in Western Australia and 2 in Tasmania.

In November 2010 the previous owner purchased the chain of AdultShop stores from the public company, along with the website, and became the sole owner (again).

2019 then marked a big change at AdultShop when it was sold to new Perth based owners who have a vast amount of experience in the Australian Adult Retail industry.

The AdultShop business is 100% Australian owned and operated from offices in Perth (Western Australia).