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So, you’ve found your perfect match in the form of a sex toy? Great! Now you have to find somewhere to keep it safe! Storing and caring for your sex toy is incredibly important as it not only keeps them in mint condition but gives you a nice little spot to keep them, rather than stuffed under your bed or into that one drawer we all have in our room! Adult Shop’s range of storage options goes from nice zip-up bags to containers that use UV to clean your toy! From discrete to bright, playful boxes, we have it all. Find everything you need to keep your sex toy safe here.

How to store sex toys

Sex toys are made up of different materials and for that reason, require particular care and storage. Ensure that you are storing sex toys made of different materials (silicone, rubber, latex etc.) separately! Most toys these days come with their own cute, stylish pouch or box for them to sleep in whilst not in use, but AdultShop likes to take it to the next level! To store your sex toys, we think finding a nice box or bag is the way to go. You can even purchase lockable storage boxes! Perfect to keep any prying eyes away. Their discrete design will ensure that your sex toy collection is safe and protected.

We love these storage boxes, as there is plenty of room to put multiple toys in individual pouches in one place. To take things up to the next level, check out our toy bags that sterilise your toy whilst keeping them safe! Winner!