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Bullet Sex Toy Buying Guide

A great way to start off your sex toy collection is by “arming” yourself with a bullet vibrator. The bullet vibe is a toy-chest workhorse and a popular choice with both pleasure pros and amateurs alike. These smooth operators are perfectly shaped to fit into a variety of sheaths, strap-on harnesses and dildos; they can even be nestled inside a pair of panties – if you’re game enough! Available in every size and colour under the sun, the one common detail all bullet vibes share is their shape… With a tapered tip for targeted stimulation, they look like bullets (hence the name) ready and armed for action! But why buy a bullet vibrator, we hear you say? What is all the buzz about? If you’ve ever wondered where the saying “good things come in small packages” came from, read on, because you’re about to find out!

The clit-or-what

So what do a clitoris, an anniversary and a toilet have in common? Men usually miss them, of course! The joke may be old (and most often untrue) but it doesn’t hurt to ask the question!

The easiest way to locate a gal’s clitoris is using the “one down and one up” approach. Simply run a finger down over her pubic bone, and you will feel the peak of a V-shaped groove where her larger (outer) genital lips join in the fun. Place your finger just there… Ooooh… That’s right! Put your finger right there at the top. Your finger is now sitting on her clitoral shaft (which is covered by the clitoral hood). Now slide your finger down about a centimeter or so and you’ll come to the end of the road. You’ve reached your final destination – and boy what a ride! This is the head or “glans” of the clitoris. It should (roughly) be the size and shape of a pea, although it can be significantly larger or smaller. (You might need to run your finger off the end of that ridge and then curl it back to touch the glans if it’s completely covered by the hood.)

The science bit

The clitoris is the only organ in the human species designed specifically and purely for pleasure! It has nothing to do with getting your period OR getting pregnant, and you don’t need it to take a wee either! The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a girl’s juicy bits because it’s composed wholly and solely of erectile tissue. This means it becomes engorged with blood when it’s aroused, much like a penis! And just like his penis, it also increases in size on arousal, sometimes as much as doubling in diameter.

As stimulation continues and orgasm approaches, the clitoris changes position, often disappearing from view altogether as the tissue in the clitoral hood swells and covers it. Your inner vaginal lips swell and change shape too, while your vagina balloons upwards and your uterus shifts to make room for it – that’s the science behind achieving “The Big O”!

How to up the ante

Your clitoris can be stimulated both directly AND indirectly. Generally his penis doesn’t come into “direct” contact with your clit during penetration as it moves in and out, but the thrusting motion he uses might move your inner love lips (the “labia minora”) causing them to chafe against your clit, and creating a clitoral orgasm. The best position for this is woman on top, as your clit rubs against your partner’s pubic bone. You may also achieve indirect stimulation when he’s on top, but only if he positions himself high enough.

Direct contact with the clitoris can be much more fun though, and far easier and quicker to achieve! Directly stimulating your clitoris by touching it with a finger, your tongue, or a vibrator can really up the ante on your stimulation, resulting in a clitoral orgasm that’s felt more intensely than a vaginal one. It’s a happy day when you can experience both a clitoral and a vaginal orgasm together of course, as this leads to wave after wave of simply breathtaking sensation… mmm…

Statistics say that 90% of women reach 95% of their orgasms through clitoral stimulation. And the fastest way to give the clit a direct hit is by adding a bullet vibrator to the equation. Bullet vibes are infamous for helping femmes achieve quick (and mind-blowing) orgasms! Usually 5 to 10 cm long, these bullet-shaped wonders can not only ignite your clit, but your labia, your anus, your nipples, even the head of his penis like a charm.

Of course, other lucky body parts can also benefit from these little hummers too! Designed to provide full vibrating stimulation with pin-point accuracy, these discreet little dynamos give you full control over your level of vibration and stimulation.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. In fact, when you buy a bullet vibe, you’re only limited by your imagination as to how and where you use it! Like all the sex toys we sell, the most fun can be had when you experiment and discover what feels best – whether alone or playing with a partner. And don’t forget that you’re not only limited to using the bullet’s tapered tip – try holding it horizontally for more “widespread” pleasure as well.

Remember too that when you first try masturbating with a vibrator, you might be surprised at how intense, forceful and incredibly long your orgasms are… So sit back… and relax… You’ve entered a whole new world of pleasure... Prepare for the ride of your life!

Give the clit a hit

If you long for strong, direct clitoral stimulation, place your bullet vibrator lengthwise between your labia and over your clit. If you find the direct plastic clit-hit way too intense the first time, try wrapping some fabric around your vibe until you get used to being transported to screamer land, or placing the vibe on the cord (just under the skin) right above your clitoris instead. This can bring some chicks to orgasm in a flash! If you prefer less direct stimulation, try cupping your bullet in the palm of your hand, and then move your hand over your labia and onto your labia, holding the bullet firmly in place or moving it in circles, whichever floats your boat the best!

Pop it in your panties

Once you’re feeling a little more daring, you might like to try popping a bullet vibrator into your panties while you're out and about (talk about multi-tasking)! The smaller your bullet vibrator, the lighter it’s likely to be, making it all the easier to tuck neatly and discretely inside the gusset. Of course, AdultShop also sells an innovative range of ready-made vibrating panties too; some even boasting bullet vibes operated completely by remote control!

Share the love

Forget the clitoral stimulation (for now) and allow your bullet to take a trip around your body – and his. You’re guaranteed to discover a load more places to pleasure. Try tracing the toy up your inner thigh and across your tummy to your chest, making circles around your nipples and in between your breasts. Or use it to tempt and tease his anal opening and perineum for excitingly intense sensations as well. Designed to provide full vibrating stimulation with pin-point accuracy, these discreet little dynamos give you full control over your level of vibration and stimulation.

Eating out

A pocket rocket bullet vibrator can also add an ultra erotic edge to your already fabulous oral abilities! Place the bullet on his balls while you tempt and tease him with your tongue, or better yet, place it against your cheek as you fill your mouth with his shaft.

Position the mission

Make the most of missionary by positioning a bullet vibe between your pelvis and his, or do the deed doggy style and hold a bullet vibe against your clit. If reverse cowgirl is your preferred position, then hop on top and position your bullet buddy between your clit and his ball bag so you both get to share in the extra electricity! Or for hands-free stimulation and sure-fire satisfaction, invest in a vibrating penis ring that comes complete with a removable bullet as well. You’ll not only enhance his erection, but up the ante on your sensation as well.

Add an extra oomph

If you’re finding you’re not getting the clit hit you deserve, you might like to try a specially formulated female stimulant to help enhance your sensitivity. We have a great range of female stimulants ideal for upping your sexual response - and in turn the intensity of your orgasms. Using a body-safe and botanical blend of essential oils to create a naturally arousing effect on your clitoris and love lips, some sexual stimulants can also aid the production of your vagina’s own natural lubrication – meaning your clitoral orgasm will not only be wilder, but wetter as well!

And a couple more handy hints to keep in mind when choosing a bullet vibe:

Powering up your play

In most cases, electric vibrators - particularly rechargeable toys - are more powerful than battery powered vibes. And just think…you’ll need never raid the TV remote control again because these state of the art stimulators are always ready to go when you are! Rechargeable toys may be a little more expensive than their battery powered counterparts, but they have a tendency to last longer too – and you can bet there’s nothing worse than a vibe losing its mojo when you’re on the verge of orgasm!

Battery powered bullets come in every colour of the rainbow and nearly every size you can imagine too. This means you’re guaranteed to find a battery-powered bullet to fit every woman and fulfill every fantasy! Pushing your own buttons with a battery powered sex toy can be a huge turn on – but remember you need to keep your bullet vibes turned on too by having the right batteries on hand! And always take the batteries out of your vibe when you’ve finished playing. They’ll last longer that way – and so will your toy! Choosing the correct battery for your plastic fantastic friend is very important as vibes are made up of very small parts that can easily burn out if the wrong battery is used.

Keeping it clean

It makes sense… If you take care of your bullet vibe, your bullet vibe will take care of you! Just as you would never leave a fork to get mouldy overnight before putting it right back in your mouth, you really don't want to go sticking unwashed sex toys into your holiest of holes! Depending on how frequently you use it and how diligently you care for it, your bullet buddy can be around to love you long time!! But to make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck, you should always clean and store your bullet vibe properly.

If your toy comes with an instruction sheet, be sure you read the manufacturers’ directions and any information they have provided about care and storage. You’ll also find our Editor’s own tips and tricks for getting the most from your toy below the product description on our website. Pay particular attention to the material your toy is made from as each material is different and best cleaned and cared for in its own special way.

Be sure to wash your bullet vibrator before you use it for the first time and immediately after each use before putting it away to play with another day. Using an antibacterial wipe or vibe cleaner is just the thing for keeping your sex toys safe, hygienic and in tiptop condition. AdultShop stocks a number of tried and tested products which are ideal for the job, many of which are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Some cleaners are also alcohol free and contain no perfumes or fragrances, which means they’re not only safe o use on your latex and silicone toys, they’re also perfect for using directly on sensitive or irritated skin, making cleaning up after sex a breeze!

Slippery when wet

Lube, perhaps more than any other accessory, is a crucial bonking ingredient. Remember too, you’ll get more mileage from your pocket rocket if you use a lubricant when you play. If you’re not already using a lube with your trusty bullet vibe, you’ll be amazed at how different a drop or two will make your vibe feel and how much wetter and wilder your orgasms will be!

Both water-based lubricants and silicone lubricants are highly recommended because they’re safe to use with condoms, diaphragms, dental dams and sex toys. Silicone lubricants however should NOT be used with toys made from silicone, CyberSkin, or UR3 as they will make the material deteriorate, causing cracking and peeling of your toy’s super soft surface. When in doubt as to what type of material your toy is made of, always use a water-based lubricant.

Unhealthy “home made” lubes like baby lotion, cold cream, cooking oil, petroleum jelly, hand lotion, suntan oil, even whipping cream should NEVER be used - and spit certainly can’t cut it either! Substituting any one of these nasties for a specially formulated personal lubricant can lead to scary stuff “down there” including bacterial and yeast infections. AdultShop sells a fantastic range of silicone lubricants and water-based lubricants, as well as specially formulated anal lubricants which contain desensitizers as well.

The last word

The most important rule of thumb when choosing and using a bullet vibrator is to experiment and HAVE FUN! There are millions of ways to enjoy erotic toys – in fact you're only limited by your imagination! By testing different toys, trying out different speeds, positions and types you can send your solo play and lovemaking into overdrive.

So grab the back-up battery supply, get comfy and…go for it!