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Orgasm Balls Buying Guide

Sexual health and wellness is just as important to your general health, wealth and happiness as diet and exercise! But a satisfying sex life doesn’t just happen – it takes some work! Your pelvic floor is a group of hammock-like muscles (also known as your PC muscles) that support your internal organs. But your PC muscles also have a friskier function: they're the muscles responsible for the contractions you feel during orgasm! So it makes sense that a well toned pelvic floor will not only create a tighter grip during intercourse but it will also enhance your erotic sensation. Simple and efficient, weighted orgasm balls are inserted into your vagina and held in place by contracting your PC muscles. In short, they’re like a fitness workout for your vagina, but without the cost of a gym membership!

Pregnancy and birth, excessive weight gain, aging and abdominal surgery (such as a caesarean section), can often result in a weakening of your pelvic floor muscles, which in turn can lead to stress incontinence and some loss of sexual sensation as well. Although the exact cause isn't always clear, even low impact exercises such as walking, running and aerobics, can eventually lead to pelvic floor dysfunction in some gals.

Why is it so
Your pelvic floor is a group of hammock-like ligaments and muscles (known as the “pubococcygeus” or “PC”) that extend across your pelvis supporting your internal organs, including your bladder, your uterus (womb) and your bowel, as well as controlling your urine flow. The openings from these organs, the urethra from the bladder, the vagina from the uterus and the anus from the bowel, pass straight through your pelvic floor. Most of us though are blissfully unaware of our pelvic floor muscles and the important job they do though – until something goes wrong!

The science bit
Daily pelvic floor exercises (also known as "Kegel" exercises after the clever Dr Arnold Kegel) consisting of rhythmically contracting and relaxing your PC muscles, are an effective non-surgical treatment for retraining your PC muscles back to their original strength and tone. Kegel exercises are a popularly prescribed work out for pregnant women preparing their pelvic floor for the later stages of pregnancy and birth. They are also a tried and tested way of preventing vaginal prolapse and for treating a loss of bladder control as well.

But your PC muscles also have a friskier function: they're the muscles responsible for the contractions you feel during orgasm! So it make sense that a well toned vagina and pelvic floor will not only create a tighter grip during intercourse but also enhance your erotic sensation, boosting your arousal and promoting ultra-intense orgasms all ‘round!

How to make it happen
You can do your Kegel exercises just about anywhere and anytime, whether you're driving in your car, sitting at your desk or relaxing on the couch. You can even do your Kegel exercises when you're pregnant, but before learning how to contract and relax your PC muscles, you’ll need to find them first:

  1. Start by inserting a finger inside your vagina and squeezing the muscles that surround it - you should feel your vagina tightening and your pelvic floor moving upwards.
  2. Now relax the muscles and you’ll feel your pelvic floor return to its staring position – start, stop, start, stop - that’s all there is to it!
  3. Another easy way to get your PC muscles going is to try stopping the flow of urine when you go to the loo. If you succeed in stopping the stream, then you've mastered the basic move! Don't make a habit of it though – exercising your PC muscles when you have a full bladder or while emptying your bladder, can actually have the opposite effect and cause a weakening of your PC muscles. It can also lead to an incomplete emptying of the bladder — which increases your risk of getting a nasty urinary tract infection as well.
  4. Once you've identified your PC muscles, empty your bladder and then sit or lie down on the floor.
  5. Now contract your PC muscles, holding the contraction for five or so seconds, then relax for five seconds more. Try this exercise four or five times in a row, working up to keeping the muscles contracted for 10 seconds at a time, relaxing for 10 seconds between contractions.
  6. For best results, you should focus on tightening only your PC muscles, being careful not to flex the muscles in your abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Avoid holding your breath too - instead breathe freely while you’re contracting and relaxing.
  7. Aim for at least three sets of 10 repetitions a day. Plan ahead and fit in a set every time you do a routine task, such as checking your emails or driving to work.

Easy does it
To make your Kegel exercising feel more “natural” though, you might like to invest in a set of Kegel exercisers known as orgasm balls. Invented thousands of years ago, traditional orgasm balls were made popular by the Japanese Geisha girls who used them to improve their pelvic floor tone, enhancing erotic sensation for both the Geisha - and her man! Simple and efficient, Orgasm balls are easily inserted into the vagina by pushing them up with your finger and holding them in place by contracting your PC muscles, just as you would a tampon.

Adding a little lubrication to the balls before inserting them will often make the job much easier. Both water-based lubricants and silicone lubricants are highly recommended because they’re safe to use with condoms, diaphragms, dental dams and sex toys. Please note though that silicone-based lubricants should NOT be used with orgasm balls made from silicone, CyberSkin, UR3 or other “real feel” materials as they can make the material deteriorate, causing cracking and peeling of your toy’s super soft surface. Be sure to check out our Vital Stats box when purchasing your vibrators or sex toys from AdultShop as we’ve taking the guess work out of pumping up your pleasure by suggesting the perfect lubricant for you.

AdultShop sells a great range of vibrating and non-vibrating orgasm balls all designed to provide you with a combined pleasure and exercise workout for your pelvic floor! Our orgasm balls, also known as Ben Wa Balls, Love Balls, Duo Balls, Geisha Balls and Smart Balls, come in a variety of sizes and are made from a range of materials. Some are weighted so your can “tease as you tone” and others come complete with a handy retrieval cord to make removing them a breeze. Orgasm balls with a retrieval cord can also be incorporated into your sexual repertoire… Play with a partner and, during clitoral stimulation, they can be pulled out one by one at the point of climax for an orgasmic experience like no other. Play with them alone and not only can you wear them while you stimulate yourself externally, but you can also wrap the retrieval cord around your vibrator to add an extra edge of excitement to your internal stimulation as well!

If you do your Kegel exercises faithfully, you can expect to see results within the first eight weeks. For some women, the improvement is dramatic, while for others, Kegel exercises simply keep incontinence problems from getting any worse. To reap the continued benefits of Kegel exercising, you should make wearing orgasm balls a permanent part of your daily workout routine!