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Prepare to play with this easy to assemble anal douche from Colt Gear.

Designed for quick cleaning, the Colt Guyser Douche is both safe and pleasurable to use and extremely easy to clean. It features a soft TPR tip for comfort and simplicity and an EZ squeeze bulb to make deep cleaning a breeze.

Add one to your arsenal today!

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The anal canal is usually very clean as faeces aren’t stored in this area; they’re stored further up in the rectum and bowel. But if you do prefer to douche, the Colt Geyser is the perfect tool to clean up prior to playing!  To use the douche, you simply submerge the TPR screw tip into regular room temperature tap water and draw up the liquid using the bulb. Then carefully insert the tip of the douche into your anus. Now squeeze the bulb end of your douche to flush your anus with water. A slow stream will do. Soon you’ll get a strong urge to empty your bowels; so simply go with the flow! You should repeat this process several times until the water runs clear. And obviously it’s a good idea to perform your douching in the shower as this will make cleaning up a lot easier!

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