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Choosing the right battery for your vibe or sex toy is very important. But forget about raiding the TV remote… We’ve got all your battery needs covered here at AdultShop!

Toys from Doc Johnson and Cal Exotics:

Sex toys and vibrators from leading toy manufacturers Doc Johnson and Cal Exotics require good quality alkaline batteries as they provide more power, which of course means better vibrations and MORE FUN for you! Rechargeable batteries and low quality non-alkaline batteries should NEVER be used in these toys as not only do they not supply enough power, they’re also more likely to leak under the strain!

Toys from all other manufacturers:

General purpose and heavy duty batteries may be used in sex toys and vibrators from other toy manufacturers, however to keep them playing long into the night, we recommend an alkaline battery powered supply be used. Again, rechargeable batteries should NEVER be used in these toys.

Battery Tips for Making the Most of your Sex Toys:

• Always make sure your batteries are fresh – there’s nothing worse than a vibe losing its mojo when you’re on the verge of orgasm!

• If your vibe won’t turn on, make sure you’ve inserted the batteries correctly. If you’re not sure, try inserting them the other way around, just in case!

• Make sure the battery contact points in your vibe are clear of paper or residue and are connecting with the ends of your batteries.

• If your toy is still not working, don’t be afraid to wiggle your batteries around to make the connection and check that the base cap is tight (especially with your waterproof toys as they come with a rubber stopper in the base to prevent water from entering the battery compartment).

• Let your vibe run for a few seconds before using it to make sure that your batteries are A-OK!

• Always take the batteries out of your vibe when you’ve finished playing. They’ll last longer that way – and so will your toy!

Tech Specs

  • Batteries 4 x AA
  • Warranty 30 days

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Batteries 4 x AA
Warranty 30 days


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